Business has entered the era of personalization. Today more than ever, differentiation hinges on customer experience. We know consumers are creative and puts the paint brush in their hands. With our user-friendly 3D platform, your customers will feel like master designers.  They design, you create. From start to finish, custom products never felt so you. is completely web-based; no hosting, maintenance, or support required. Our on and offline features combine personalization and customer experience in perfect harmony.

Make your products pop!

Dynamic Imaging is the future of online business. goes beyond the computer screen by turning your 2D website into a virtual 3D design studio.


3D composition: breaks your product down to its’ essential components. Your customers use our 3D composer to select from these parts and create their base designs. For an engagement ring, composition means selecting a stone, shank, and setting. But for a skateboard, your customer would instead build using wheels, trucks, and decks. Because no two products are the same, we build each experience specific to your business.

3D design: Once a base design is created, each customer will then personalize it so it feels uniquely their own. Like composition, this design process varies based on what kind of product you have and how personal you want it to be. Your customers may personalize using different materials, colors, sizes, or engravings. Based on your input, our system will adjust the price of their design in real time as they create.

3D export: After a customer has finished the designing, we’ll export their 3D creation in one of two ways. The first is the option to have a 3D file sent to your business so you can fulfill it. User designs can be exported in any popular 3D format, the most likely of which are OBJ and STL files. The second option is to have send a full-scale 3D wax model to either your business or the customer directly. This adds an important tangible nature to the creation process that starts virtually.

Augmented Reality & Social Commenting (available as premium feature): For wearable products like rings and sunglasses, offers augmented reality to project their creation directly onto the user via their smartphone. The AR experience is a great way for customers to virtually try-on your products, get feedback from friends, and share their experience over social media. This premium feature can be integrated in three ways: our team can build a custom mobile AR application for your brand, we can build an AR plug-in into your existing mobile application, or your customers can virtually try-on their designs using our own mobile app.

AI assistance/built-in chat bot (available as premium feature): Our development team can build and train a virtual assistant to help guide consumers through the process. Each AI chat bot is designed specifically with your customization process in mind. It will field anything from basic customer questions to walk-through tutorials and guides that empower even the most non-technical user through the process.