Expand your product mix

The power of permutation - Let’s say your business sells watches online and you want to offer 1,000 products on your E-commerce store. Consider the following:

- How long will it take?
- How much will it cost?
- How many will sell?

Imagine the pain involved in offering each product individually. First you must manufacture or purchase each base product, edit to include all color combinations, and finally upload every picture to your website. Of course, you do this knowing that not every one of these 1,000 products will sell. You hedge your bets in hopes that the profit you make those products that do sell outweigh the cost you lose from those that don’t. Now consider the same task using 3dee.io.

Remember you own a website that sells watches. At its core, every one of your final products includes a band, bezel, and watch face. Instead of uploading 1,000 pictures, you only upload 10 renderings of each base part into the 3d.io engine. Your customers then combine and choose from these 30 parts to create their final product. With the power of permeation, 13, you can now offer a total of 1,000 possible product combinations on your website. Meaning, you’ve just achieved the same product mix:

- In a shorter time
- At a lower cost
- With minimal risk

Using 3dee.io, you’ll dramatically increase your product offering and only manufacture the products that your customers would actually buy.